What if…INSIDE EVERY WOMAN there was a story just waiting…to be told?

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           SANTA CRUZ @ KUUMBWA JAZZ CENTER – March 16 & 17th                               Sirena Andrea, Angelee Dion, Amanda Marilyn, Nicole Lakey, Anna Love, Merritt Medusa, Nicolette Nasr, Kali Quetzal, and special guest Marya Stark

         SANTA CRUZ @ KUUMBWA JAZZ CENTER – March 23 & 24th                       Sirena Andrea, Sarah Cruse, Sadira Daher, Sally Mitchell, Tamra Newhall, Jalene Otto, Rebecca Roveto, and special guest Marya Stark

              BERKELEY @ FINNISH HALL – April 6th & 7th                                          Sirena Andrea, Sarah Cruse, Sadira Daher, Angelee Dion, Amanda Marilyn, Nicole Lakey, Tamra Newhall, Kali Quetzal, & Rebecca Roveto

Doors open at 7:30 PM- ALL Shows BEGIN at 8PM
Intended for a mature audience – young adults must be accompanied by a guardian

-photos created by Beth Antos Photography


Hear what Women who have performed in the YoniVerse have to say about their experience…..

Nicole1“One of the biggest ways I’ve grown in this experience is in sharing with other women and trusting those relationships.”   -Nicole Young
Brooke1“Sirena is really Masterful in seeing what we bring and then how we can bring more of ourselves. And where else to look to see what could possibly make this story the most alive and true for us.”     -Brooke March
Miss Zabie1“I’m speaking more in my real voice, than people who have known me for a loooong time!”   -Zabie Johnston


The YoniVerse Performance Training Program is an opportunity for you to source self-confidence and courage so that you can stop running, hiding or deflating yourself or your desires. Receive the the support you need to walk in this world free of shame and doubt, so that you know in your bones that your true value is not based on anything that has happened to you in your past and you can live into a future that is meaningful.

You can have All this while being held and supported by a sacred circle of women who are also discovering hidden gems and living into the next amazing chapter of their lives!

If you are ready to find your voice, embody your sensuality, and have a greater impact on your community, I encourage you to apply for the YoniVerse Performance Training Program.


If any of this sounds painfully familiar

  • Struggling to FIND YOUR VOICE in relationship, family or work.
  • There is a story that you BOTH dread AND are dying to TELL.
  • You are secretly struggling with feeling TOO MUCH OR NOT ENOUGH.
  • You have a hard time ASKING for AND GETTING what you want emotionally, sexually, or creatively.
  • You have a sense there is more PLEASURE, POWER, or ALIVENESS available for you AND haven’t found a way a to access it, YOU BELONG WITH US!

.Join us NEXT YEAR!!!

Here’s the Nitty-Gritty about the Performance Training Program that begins every October

  • Unforgettable Story Formulas
  • Embodied Feminine Monthly Practices
  • Sacred Sisterhood
  • Individual Story Coaching
  • Private Facebook Page support
  • Chance to Perform on a Professional Stage for your Community


Apply here for our next YV Performance Training Program

 Sirena Andrea is a storyteller, soul guide, and Director of The YoniVerse Monologues. The wildly original Performance Training Program.

She has been studying, performing and teaching the enchantment of Storytelling to artists, speakers, and entrepreneurs all over California for the past 15 years. 

She has seen again and again how storytelling is the perfect vehicle to bring vitality & creativity to ourselves, our relationships and our communities. At the same time giving us clues to what is truly meaningful and empowering in navigating this complex feminine experience.

Sirena has had the great fortune to apprentice with Master Storytellers Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Micheal Meade, Joanna Macy, Martin Prechetel and Daniel Bittleston and is immensely grateful for their powerful mentorship.


Each season we choose an Beneficiary that supports women and is endeavoring to end suffering in our community. This year we are proud to introduce you to…

The Coalition to End Human Trafficking in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties is a collaboration of organizations, businesses and individuals working to end human trafficking and modern slavery in our region through education, advocacy, policy change, services for survivors and prosecution of offenders. We put victims and survivors of human trafficking at the center of all our work.

To hear the whole their story go to THEIR WEBSITE.



We are also proud to be locally sponsored by a Mother Daughter Business that promotes healthy sexuality~