There is support for YOU if any of this sounds familiar…

  • You're struggling to FIND YOUR VOICE in relationship, family, or work.

  • There is a story that you BOTH dread AND are dying to TELL.

  • You are secretly struggling with feeling TOO MUCH or NOT ENOUGH.

  • You have a hard time ASKING for AND GETTING what you want emotionally, sexually, or creatively.

  • You have a sense there is more PLEASURE, POWER, or ALIVENESS available for you AND haven’t found a way to access it?

The YoniVerse Monologues is a MASTERFUL STORYTELLING PROGRAM designed for Women to write, rewrite, embody and tell their true-life stories.

This wildly successful community ritual that has now become a TRANSFORMATIONAL ONLINE PROGRAM gathering an intimate group of women from all over the globe every year.

This Shero's Journey is for Souls longing to reconnect with their Wild Feminine Nature - freeing themselves from their past and propelling them into the next exciting chapter of their creative life!!

In this 9 month Storytelling Mastery Program, women share their true-life stories within a safe container where they are guided to move through suppressed shame or trauma - through storytelling & embodiment practices - designed to support you to reveal truths & trapped vitality that has been buried under fear, grief & pleasure.

This comprehensive 9 month Storytelling Program begins every MAY and includes…

  • Unforgettable Storytelling secrets to WRITE & SHARE your Signature Story

  • LIVE~VIRTUAL Trainings so that you can get clear on what you want to tell

  • Monthly Feminine EMBODIMENT & Breathwork Practices

  • Opportunities to Create lasting BONDS with other Women & dissolve shame

  • Receive MASTERFUL Mentorship so that you can increase your confidence and pleasure

  • Give & Receive SUPPORT from your storytelling sisterhood in our Private forum


(However we are FULL for the 2021-22 Season)

Sarah Deavitt

"The YoniVerse is... a portal to healing. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this process and had no idea what my story would be. I just KNEW I had to take this journey. The process of writing my story was challenging because I so wanted to honor ALL the beautiful souls who were a part of it.

The process of re-writing helped me to come back to myself over and over again, which was not something I was taught to do in my family.

I’m so grateful for this program... for Sirena, and for this sister-circle who continues to enrich my life."

Liz Walton

"If you had told me at the beginning of 2020 that I would tell true and vulnerable stories with a circle of women I had not yet met, I would not have believed you.

If I learned one thing in 2020 it's that we all have stories to tell and everyone's voice matters.

The Yoniverse gave me a safe place to nestle in during a year most of us will never forget. From this warm cocoon of safety and sisterhood, I was able to shed the shackles of embarrassment of my past and allow healing to happen. I embodied my soul and found a new layer to my voice. "

Christina Verdone

"My story was written and rewritten many times, as it was a living, breathing experience with my womb and my choices, that unfolded as I wrote it.

My Yoniverse journey has been vulnerable, joyful, painful and healing…it’s been sad, heart-opening AND very empowering!

Through Sirena’s incredible guidance and Love, I've faced my ego, my fears, my resistance, and my Truth… most of all, I've connected more deeply to my heart and womb and an incredible sacred sister circle!"

The YoniVerse is a Safe & Courageous community of Women who are committed to uncovering their Confidence, Vitality, & Kindness so that they know in their bones that their past does NOT rule their future ~ our stories miraculously point to where our GIFTS have been hidden until now.