The Mission of the YoniVerse Monologues is to create a sacred and safe space for a diverse group of women to share true-life stories that are inspired by their embodied, sexual, and mythopoetic experiences - with humor, power, and grace. To share the wisdom & compassion gained from our true-life experiences whether they were pleasurable or painful in an honest, original monologue crafted by each Storyteller.  

While simultaneously creating a solid sisterhood amongst the Storytellers based on compassion, honesty, excellence, and self-responsibility.

Although we stand on the courageous shoulders of the maverick Eve Ensler our mission is more than raising awareness about violence against women, although some of our stories will.  This container supports women to also share beauty, vulnerability, passion and courage. We are not spotlighting one type of woman or experience instead showcasing a variety of people identified as women to express the feminine in all her exquisite shades of humanity...

The potential awaiting YOU inside the YoniVerse, is that the by telling your most important stories, you allow yourself to discover a new perspective on who you were, the choices you had and how your life experience shaped your Soul and are an integral part of your gifts for the world, your family and yourself.

2024 YoniVerse Monologues is  now on our 

UTUBE channel July 6th<<< click to watch! 

The YoniVerse Monologues is a Safe & Courageous community of Women who are committed to uncovering their Confidence, Vitality, & Kindness so that they know in their bones that their past does NOT rule their future, instead our stories miraculously point to where our GIFTS have been hidden until NOW.




The YoniVerse Monologues is a MASTERFUL STORYTELLING PROGRAM designed for Women to write, rewrite, embody and share their true-life stories

This wildly successful storytelling program began in Santa Cruz, California and  has now become a TRANSFORMATIONAL ONLINE PROGRAM, gathering an intimate group of women from all over the globe.

This Storytelling Program is for she/her/they humans who long to connect with their Wild Feminine Nature  - freeing themselves from the past and propelling them into the next exciting chapter of their creative life!!

In this Storytelling Mastery Program, we share our true-life stories within a safe container where we are guided to move through suppressed shame or trauma - through trauma informed storytelling & embodiment practices - designed to support you to reveal truths & trapped vitality that has been buried under fear, anger & shame.

This comprehensive Storytelling Program includes…

Meet the Creatrix of the YoniVerse

Sirena Andrea brings a fierce love and devotion of truth telling and wisdom to her emerging storytellers. 

She is a Master Storyteller, Mentor, and the Creatrix of the YoniVerse Monologues. 

Her ability to guide the feminine into embodied storytelling so that they can share their truth while releasing the past, is the hallmark of her many years of professional and personal training.

She has been performing, facilitating, and teaching the Art of Storytelling to Artists, Activists, Speakers, Students, Mothers, Grandmothers, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs all over the world for the past 15 years.

Sirena has had the great fortune to apprentice with Master Storytellers  & Guides Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Micheal Meade, Joanna Macy, Martin Prechetel,  Bill Plotkins and Daniel Bittleston.

What women say about the YoniVerse...

Linda Gaines

"The YoniVerse is an amazing and unique experience of women supporting women through sharing and storytelling.  Not only do I have new and awesome friends,  I got the opportunity to look at and address some of the issues and trauma affecting my life.  

In the YoniVerse, Sirena and the other women who supported my journey created a safe place for self-exploration and showered me with love.  If you and the YoniVerse are lucky to find each other, you'll be all the better for it."

Christina Verdone

"My story was written and rewritten many times, as it was a living, breathing experience with my womb and my choices, that unfolded as I wrote it. 

My YoniVerse journey has been vulnerable, joyful, painful and healing…it’s been sad, heart-opening AND very empowering! 

Through Sirena’s incredible guidance and Love, I've faced my ego, my fears, my resistance, and my Truth… most of all, I've connected more deeply to my heart and womb and an incredible sacred sister circle!"