The mission of the YoniVerse Monologues is to create a sacred and safe space for a diverse group of women to share true-life stories that are inspired by their embodied, sexual, and mythopoetic experiences - with humor, power, and grace.

While simultaneously creating a solid sisterhood amongst the Storytellers based on compassion, honesty, excellence, and self-responsibility.

Although we stand on the courageous shoulders of the maverick Eve Ensler our mission is more than raising awareness about violence against women, although some of our stories will.

Our goal is to share the wisdom & compassion gained from our true-life experiences whether they were pleasurable or painful in an honest, original monologue crafted by each Storyteller.

We are not spotlighting one type of woman but showcasing a variety of women expressing the feminine in all her exquisite shades of humanity...

When a woman writes, rewrites and tells about the events that have shaped her life - she has the opportunity to see her history, her beliefs, her habits, and her unique gifts in a profound new way. Liberating yourself from the past and propelling you into the next exciting chapter of your life.

Through embodiment practices, storytelling, biodynamic breathwork, and invitations to commune with the wild-natural world, you will be given a map to welcome home fractured or forgotten parts of yourself with kindness, love and acceptance.

Meet the Creatrix of the YoniVerse Sirena Andrea...

Sirena Andrea brings a fierce love and devotion of liberation to her emerging storytellers that can not be found in any other program. She is a Master Storyteller, Mentor, and the Creatrix of the YoniVerse Monologues.

Sirena has had the great fortune to apprentice with Master Storytellers & Guides Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Micheal Meade, Joanna Macy, Martin Prechetel, Bill Plotkins and Daniel Bittleston.

Her ability to guide women into embodied storytelling so that they can share their truth while releasing the past, is the hallmark of her many years of professional and personal training.

She has been performing, facilitating, and teaching the Art of Storytelling to Artists, Activists, Speakers, Students, Mothers, Grandmothers, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs all over California for the past 20 years.

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We are proud to announce the PHOENIX RISING SCHOLARSHIP FUND

Because we believe ALL stories need to be honored.


Created by our fans in direct response to the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT, this scholarship fund supports Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIPOC) to tell their True Life Stories. It creates the opportunity for them to get the mentorship and sisterhood they need to be seen, heard, and propelled into the next exciting chapter of life. This is a platform to designed to honor equality and diversity - all women of color are wanted and needed here.

Your Generous Donation goes directly to support a Woman of Color and change a life.