When a Storyteller writes, rewrites and tells about the events that have shaped her life -  she/they have the opportunity to see their history, beliefs, habits, and unique gifts in a profound new way

Learn how to use Storytelling as a  liberating tool to release yourself from the past and propel yourself into the next exciting chapter of your life!

Through embodiment practices, storytelling, biodynamic breathwork, and invitations to commune with the wild-natural world in self-designed rituals you will be given a map to welcome home fractured or forgotten parts of yourself with kindness, love and acceptance.

There is support for YOU if any of this sounds familiar…

This comprehensive online Storytelling Program includes…

Sarah Deavitt

"The YoniVerse is... a portal to healing.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this process and had no idea what my story would be.  I just KNEW I had to take this journey.  The process of writing my story was challenging because I so wanted to honor ALL the beautiful souls who were a part of it.  

The process of re-writing helped me to use MY voice and experiences fully. 

 I’m so grateful for this program, for Sirena, and for this sister-circle who continues to enrich my life."

Liz Walton

 "If you had told me at the beginning of 2020 that I would tell true and vulnerable stories with a circle of women I had not yet met, I would not have believed you.

 If I learned one thing in 2020 it's that we all have stories to tell and everyone's voice matters. 

The YoniVerse gave me a safe place to nestle in during a year most of us will never forget. From this warm cocoon of safety and sisterhood, I was able to shed the shackles of embarrassment of my past and allow healing to happen. I embodied my soul and found a new layer to my voice. "

Mikyo Marie

"The YoniVerse is a powerful portal of transformation, healing, empowerment, and becoming. It gave me access to parts of myself that had been starving for attention and love, and the tools to heal, integrate, and give them voice. It has been the foundation for me in re-claiming my womanhood, celebrating my sensuality, and embracing the strength of my vulnerability. It is the missing rite of passage that we should be teaching our daughters to own their story and re-write their destiny within the circle of safety, support, and love that only a community of sacred sisterhood can provide."

Julie Dao

"I felt so held and guided and unscrambled from how to tell a story that felt so complicated for me… and you eased me into sharing from my authentic place… working with you all on this mysterious journey has been life changing so much gratitude to you Sirena!"

Sarah Coolidge

"Before I enrolled in the YoniVerse I was struggling with a lot of shame from past experiences and hungry to heal and bring more self love into my life. Sirena's techniques for addressing shame and trauma were very beneficial for me. In particular, the exercise of wandering in the wild allowed me to deeply reconnect with my tomboy, nature-loving younger self and grounded my storytelling journey into the physical, natural world around me. Now, long after the class has ended,  I can visit those same places and experience that spiritual connection all over again. This is my evidence of the true transformational power of the YoniVerse experience."

J'aime Rothbard

"Deepest gratitude for your applied experience Sirena. It's been a privilege to move within this group with your tried and true guidance. You have identified as such a revealing process of unearthing, defrosting and reactivating our experiences through loving eyes and tender hands."

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